Spring Sprint

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 2012 in the

Well good morning ......sun is brightly shinning over the snow in the back yard .....have not had much snow this year so far and I am just fine with that . Yesterday I sent a note to a friend that is doing a travel blog and told him that his blog will be a great mémoire for him in years to come and that is also how I feel about my blog.
Monday am I am in bed  and I put on CI on, Rhonda has the radio on and there is no other noise in the house. I can easily tell when the DJ is talking or when there is music on but what is being said is not clear at all. When R wakes up I tell her all this and then she suggest maybe putting on a song that I like using the ipod. So we do that and again not clear as to the words in the song. Then we get the idea that maybe I should read the lyrics as the song is playing just like closed caption on TV or at the movies . So I go get the note book and bring up lyrics by Charlie A'Court and song starts and now as I read along I am able to hear and understand what is being sung 90% of the time ......this is amazing and it just reinterates the fact that I need to lip read along with hearing in many situations .It also points out again that I really can only do one thing at a time --if I am going to listen to music I need to sit and take the time to do it but I think after a number of times in reading it my brain will make the leap when it hears the song .....how many times I will need to read the song is yet unknown and also finding the time to do just music ..... 
I think I am going to treat myself right now to one  song .... 
have a great Fryday ................... Chris