Spring Sprint

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 2nd try

Well darn this is my 2nd try -- I had a long blog done and got called away and when I came back hit wrong key and lost it all ....
Week was busy mostly at food bank .... we were ready for out families on Wednesday and we helped 37 families but it cleaned out most of our stock so later that day 2 women  went on a shopping spree and Thursday I worked filling all the shelves .. we are now ready for next month . On Thursday after FB I went to Wolf Ville and was out on the dykes geo caching. It was so windy and so noisy in my CI that I finally had to take it out --- 1st time I had to do that. It was too uncomfortable to wear. Thursday night we went to Windsor;s volunteer banquet where I get to present the Judy Fry Volunteer award .. Great tribute to Judy -- The acoustics in the room were very bad. I was able to know when some one spoke but no idea what was said ... BUT I did hear the piano play "O Canada" for the 1st time !!!!!!!
Friday was in Halifax as my sister had some oral surgery and I took her. I was able to easily communicate with nurses and doctors. each situation is different and learning to adapt is all part of the whole process. 
Rhonda has been so supportive to me. She listen to me when I tell her of a problem or a frustration and offers her thoughts and opinion .Our life is good together and just lately we have started to talk about a long car trip after Rhonda retires. This was never in the cards before because no fun to travel in a car when u cannot communicate. An hour or two ok but days on end no fun for anyone . It is wonderful that we are now able to plan this ....
Ok supper is almost ready -- Have a great week ..... 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Hello All ... on May 14th we -- the "Fry family" will be walking in the brain tumor walk called the Spring Sprint -- we walked last year for the first time -- it was pretty amazing and the Fry family had a lot of people there who had brain tumors. As we can see through research many things can be achieved -- I am the perfect example. They told me that I would never hear again and a miracle happened and I am now hearing more than I ever thought I would again. I am asking for some sponsorship but I also know that we all get so many requests so I am keeping mine  small and asking for $10 . All those $10 will quickly add up -- the link is below or you let me know by e-mail that u want to support me and we can arrange to get the $$.
thanks for all of your support ... Chris 
Ok the link is not shown below but I am going to send it as just a link on the blog and I think that will work -- Thanks again 
Spring Sprint 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday again

Happy Sunny Sunday Morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that you all get to enjoy a little of this sun in some way today .another busy week of course as it is for us all . I am not complaining really . We are lucky that we are busy and that we can still do all things that we do --just takes some of us a little longer now and also we get tired more easily. I really found that this week . 
Well it was an interesting week , Monday , I spent a part of the day with my sister Patsy and we had a nice drive in the valley and lunch and it was sooo neat to be able to communicate so well with her and laugh . Then Tuesday I was at the hospital computer site and we were fairly busy and that day I had a few problems understanding some of the clients and had to have one person write to me .... that shook me up a bit but I could not understand or speech read at all . 
Then on Wednesday , Thursday and Friday I worked at the Hantsport Food Bank . We had some major problems with the building so had to move .. now the place we moved to was full of stuff so owner hired a crew to come and haul it all away but there was shelving we wanted so 2 of us went Wednesday to help the movers . They had 3 helpers and I could not understand one of them at all --the second one talked so fast and had a beard that I could not get him at all ....it was frustrating for me but we got it all done  and I could hear lots of noise ....
then Thursday Friday we cleaned and build shelving and stocked the shelves --- Good news is that by Friday afternoon Food Bank was already for next Wednesday which is our open day so that is great ...
Now for me when we were all working there -- usually there  was 5 or 6 of us -- I got all the noise , I got all the chatter but unless I was looking right at someone I did not know what was being said --at one point one of the workers asked me "Are you Ignoring us ??" I guess they were asking me a question --- 
This is what is  so hard to explain and for others to understand -- Yes I do hear ....  Yes I can understand most of what is said directly to me ..... BUT I do not hear like you do and when lots of activity going on for me it is a lot of confusion . More than once the other day I thought someone was calling me but they weren't .. at one point I wondered if I was hearing things hahhahhahhahahh
Anyway it was an interesting week hearing wise and was a real education for me about this hearing process..
Next week is another busy week and on Thursday evening we are going to the Windsor Volunteer Dinner where I always present the Judy Fry Volunteer Award to the town recipient so it will be interesting to see how the CI works for me in that situation ....................
Ok , bent your ear enough ............. Have a great week and catch you soon ............ 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday again

Sunday , last week just flew by ... I mean that , it was Monday then Fryday ....... wow ... Monday/Tuesday we went a retirement seminar put on by the teachers union. What a pile of information and we learned so much. Rhonda will now decide exactly when she will retire and I am hoping it will be sooner rather later. Now we sat right in the front and all presenters used handouts and displays on the screen and I could see all the presenters very well and I could hear them all. First thing in the day I would say I was hitting 90% of what was said using all that was available to me by late in the afternoon as I was more tired it dropped to 75% . There was only one female presenter that I really had trouble with and one man spoke very very fast so that was difficult but overall I did very well and was quite proud of myself. I did not get any of the ?? from the group as they were asked but Rhonda told me any that were very important.
On way home on Tuesday , Rhonda had marking to do in the car so I just hooked up the mp3 and listened to some music --- sweet.
Wednesday was a normal day here and that evening I was doing the dishes and thinking about my mp3 player and thought If I can hear the music that is saved why can I not hear the radio that I have in my player so got all the player hooked up and sure enough it worked --listened to Q104 and CBC ...took forever to get the dishes down I was having so much fun with radio. Now words are not clear most times in either the music or the talking but it is good for my brain and some  words do come and each time things are repeated they get clearer. Thursday was out on the trails with my buddies and we had a great day . Friday errands all over the place --  and Saturday was my grand son Aidan's  3rd birthday party and the kids had so much fun and I did great hearing them all and last night was a 50th surprise party for a good friend and we really had a good time and again I was able to do very very well and so many people are so interested in the CI and so happy for me that I really do feel so lucky to have such good friends. 
That is it for today and I hope that all have a good week . 
And yes I am hoping for sun and warm this week !!!!!!!!!!