Spring Sprint

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hey we had a great day at home today and had some friends visit. It was really nice and I understood what was being said when one talk with me . Rest of day pretty normal and that is great. I put the  ear piece back that has the mike in the ear and I am not sure any big difference . But it is larger so maybe stays on better . Tomorrow we are going to city overnight and going to hear a band at the casino so i can just imagine all teh sounds and Noise .......... will not blog till 1st or 2nd so want to send Happy New years wishes to any one that is reading this ..Hugs Chris

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wedenesday night..

It is now 9 30 pm and I am a tired guy but I had a good day . I am quite lucky because almost every day is a good day and I know that not everyone feels that way but I do .Today at the hospital when the receptionist was asking me all the questions , I had to ask her to look at me when she spoke so that I could read her lips along with hearing her. I explained about my new CI and she was very accommodating and we did fine. Then went in with the doctor to do some work on my back and so the Doctor, Rhonda and Nurse were behind me and I was lying down but I still had the CI on and I was able to tell when Dr spoke , when R spoke or the nurse . No idea what they talked about but I could tell the difference .I felt pretty good about that .
Tonight we went to dinner at my sisters. What a delicious meal and I was able to talk with my brother in law by  listening to his voice sounds and reading his lips ----have not been able to do that for many years. There was just the 4 of us so that was really nice and if someone spoke directly to me I could usually follow it -- when they were talking among them selves , I knew they were talking and most times  I knew who was talking but could not understand what was being said ....Funny thing is that I am not frustrated like I used to be .I feel really calm most of the time . Not sure if Rhonda has noticed a difference but I know that I feel a difference .
Okay some quiet time for me .................
one more thing , today Rhonda said those birds are awful noisy today and I said , honestly , they are always noisy so now I hardly even notice the sound but I do notice the quiet when they are not being noisy ... Sleep well

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Night

This new program is a bit stronger so going thru the same steps all over again of some echo but again hearing new sounds --- this afternoon I was in Save Easy at the milk isle ... and all of a sudden no noise --- now stores are usually very noisy so I look around and no one lese is in the isle so I put my hand up to my mouth and say
" Hello Hello" ...Yup CI is on ---- all is okay -- I take a quick look up and down the isle again to make sure no one is there watching me --hahhah I am thinking what would they say about a guy saying --hello hello all to himself hahhahhahha ...so I stood there and figured out that the cooler motors on the milk cooler must have reached their temp and they shut off so that was why it was soo quiet --- LOL .
Now the rest of the day and evening have been pretty normal ..... tomorrow I go to Kentville Hospital  for a minor procedure but it will be interesting to see if I can answer all the questions that they ask without asking for Rhonda's help ........... sleep well ...........................

Tuesday am

Well we did not loose our power last night and the storm seems to be missing us so I am grateful for that . Last night Rhonda and I watched a movie and it was amazing how the CI helped me get a much better sense of the movie than just reading the closed caption. I need the CC but the CI helps so much and easy to know when  a song is being played . One thing that I noticed is that most men voices are coming across as the same sounds to me and that when someone talks low it really is like they are whispering --amazing --I found I was leaning toward the TV --LOL .....
This morning I decided to put CI on the next level ...OMG it is that much louder again --I was totally in a comfort zone with the other level and this one is now back to echo and I tried for an hour at same volumne setting as yesterday but too loud so turned down a bit . I need to keep the brain moving so gotta keep up the challenge --- I am just totally amazed at how much change happens every few days ..........I still say that This is a Miracle !!!!
 Later gators ............................

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 27th evening

What a nice quiet day !!!!! Quiet cuz some of those back ground noise is now blending in and so now I am getting some other sounds ...... I was sitting in the kitchen and ok -- a new noise but what is it ?? look all around --nothing --- no one here to ask right now ... 2 hours later same noise ---- Has to be the fan on the furnace blowing up the hot air !!!!!!
Went out for my walk by myself --- been a few days since I walked --- walking along and I hear something ..... swooooshhh ... car goes by ----- but I heard it behind me --- again no idea what it was but 10 minutes later when I  hear this sound again I know a car is coming ............................ wow .........I am just soooo happy with all of this ---
Rhonda was out for a while with her friends . I am in the kitchen when she come home when she enters the house she says --Hello !! Hello !!! and Yes I heard her voice and know that she is home .....
Thank You God !!!! amen ............ have a good night .............

1st snow fall......

Well I was awake very early this am and had to put the garbage  out street side. It had snowed last night and was now a mixture of rain/ freezing rain . So I bundled up nice and warn at 7 am and out I go . It is very quiet at that hour and then I hear ---tat,tat,tat,tat,tat ........ it is the rain I hear ............... Oh what a neat sound so I am working away getting the walk done and the garbage down to street and wait ---what is that noise ---- look around and Yup -- Snow plow out on the street ---- every other storm in the last 12 years I have to wait till I see the yellow light --today I heard it go by ....did not sound like a snow plow BUT I heard it ........... breakfast time ... enjoy  this day ...............

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day evening .......

Hey I started the day with an wonderful e-mail from The Gregor --great guy and he said how he enjoyed reading my blog -- I am just blown away with how many people do read it --I am so glad because it really is a  miracle. Today was so calm and peaceful we were home till noon and what I am finding around the house is that a lot of the sounds are now just that, ordinary sounds and so things are starting to blend in and not stand out .
We went  to Porter's lake to visit John &Pam , Jack & Isaac .... Isaac is 3 and I can tell when he talks but his voice is so high -- he sounds like the birds except that he is saying words and I know if I spent some major time with him that we could get it all together .. Jack is 5 .Jack's voice is deeper but still hard to understand plus Jack is always moving around so reading his words is harder but again I could tell easily when Jack was talking and that is something I could never do before . John 's voice is ok and I can get most of what he says . When Pam talks to me she is still whispering as she has ever since she knew me and again I become so aware of how people adjusted to accommodate me in the past and that just blows me away .  We had a wonderful visit and got home before the storm, Mark was with us today so that was good .
My special story for today is that I forgot to take extra batteries with me today . PTL that the CI stayed on till our drive home but I drove almost 45 minutes totally deaf and I could not talk with Rhonda , that iritating road noise was not there ----I did not like it ..... so I am sure that I will never forget my batteries again and I really hope that nothing ever happens to this CI because it is like a " Life Line " .... okay a "Sound Line" and I really need it ----- LOL ......
I really started this Blog for my son Nick  and then thought it was like a great diary for me and I do go back and reread where I was a few days ago with my hearing but it is also become for many people that read this an appreciation of all that they hear and take for granted so that really inspires me too .... Cheers

Boxing Day

Well Good Morning ...................... seems like a long time ago since I wrote on my blog but it is only 1 day . Yesterday was a good Christmas with family & friends, lots of new sounds with all around but I really notice how much better I am on a one on one conversation . I lip read and listen and can understand most people. Some much clearer than others .
After we had the house all cleaned up we sat down to watch a movie last night .
My first movie with a CI --well movie was stupid and I did fall asleep before it was over but the important thing for me was how difficult it was to have all the sounds coming  at me and then having to read the closed captioning on the TV. It was quite confusing and I was very good at reading the CC on TV in the past. So that was interesting and it was neat that I could tell when there was music ot talking in the movie but  most music  does not sound like music , maybe in the future .
Today we are going to Porters lake to my son John's place and I cannot wait to spend some time with the kids when there are not 50 people around.  Hopefully I will hear them a little better.
I hope everyone has a great Boxing day ........ Enjoy your family !!!! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well another great evening and day and more to come tonight .
Last night was an evening with friends at their home and there were about 20 of us and it was so great to see and hear everyone ... I did ok but when all talking the noise level was high but 1 on 1 worked great .
Today was super store and let me tell you --if any man out there like hugs & Kisses --- get a C I ...
hahhah everyone is so happy they "Hug & Kiss Me " !!! I am loving it ..
Tonight all family and friends are here and tomorrow the grand kids prsent opening then dinner here so lots of happy good things going on ......
One  quick story , today I am working in the kitchen and my niece is here helping --she goes out the front door to take something to green bin for me  --all of a sudden a hear a noise --that is a knocking --I look up and my niece is 2 feet  away on the outside knocking on the Windows ---- yahoo I heard her !!!!
I am wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas eve and day ........... Love to you all ... Chris 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

thursday am

Well , you know what every day is new sounds ...this morning I walk out into the hall and say --What is that sound ?? It was my son Mark , having a shower ...WOW , I have not heard that sound in many many years and this is kinda funny ...if I am out somewhere , especially say a busy house party , I always have to ask someone if they will come knock on the bathroom door to see if any one is in it --- that  was kind of an embarrassing things to do but not as embarrassing as walking into some one in the bathroom . Maybe now I might hear if they make a sound --- will have to try that one out .....
Okay , that is your chuckle to start the day ..we have Aidan ( 3) and Lara (+1) today so that should be a lot of fun and then a pre christmas eve get together at friends .... hope you all have a great day .... Hears to All !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday evening

Well went to the eye doctor this afternoon and it was kinda interesting --usually Rhonda comes in with me and explains what the Dr says but today after having him repeat most things a few times I could understand what was said and when the lights were out and I am looking thru his lens machine and he says  -- better /worse , I could tell what word he said and answer him ......... then we went out to dinner at the restaurant just down from Dr office and when we sat down I said to Rhonda --what is that noise --she said I think it is a fan , well after about 5 minutes I had to turn the volume down on the CI as that fan noise was too uncomfortable --- amazing the sounds I am hearing and how some are so loud and others comfortable ..............okay I am a bit tired so going in for some TV time ...have a great evening .

Quick note

Another first . I was vacuuming  in the dining room. I can hear vac OK and then wait another sound. Phone is ringing in other room so I go look at the caller id to see who it is.
And Yes I do  feel pretty proud of myself. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday am

Hi Blog .. well it is nice to say that yesterday after doing the hospital site the rest of the day was pretty normal and I am liking that and today looks like some time at home till later this afternoon when I have an eye appointment and then dinner out with my wife !!
Here is what I noticed yesterday as some of the  family and a good friend was here . When they talk to me they change how they talk , they slow down , they use no voice and talk in short sentences. This is very touching to me as I now see exactly how they changed to adjust to my past hearing and it is so wonderful but now I say to them --- " Speak Up" I cannot hear you and they laugh at me because they have not had me say that to them for soooo long ................. Wonderful -- have a great  day ,,
ps -- I put the coffee on and no one is up yet and the birds are covered so they are quiet and I just heard the motor on the coffee machine -- 1st time --- loving these firsts .............

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday morning ..

On Tuesday for the past 2 years I have been going to the Hants Community hospital and volunteering at the CAP site . Today is my first day here with CI turned on. Last week no power due to storm. So a whole new environment for me --- I can hear people moving around and when they talk out in the hall I can tell someone is talking -- that is amazing ... I  know most of the staff that work here and so many hugs from so many people here.They are so so excited for me.
Okay , I had to set up a new fax machine and we sent off a fax but the place it was going did not have any power so machine went on re-dial . It is right beside my ear ... after an hour I hear this LOUD noise --- OMG what is that  ???? look all around --the new fax machine is printing out a report --hahhahha sounded like an army tank coming at me ---
Okay , I do have some work to get done but wanted to jot down a few thoughts while they are fresh in my mind.
Have a great afternoon .................

Monday, December 20, 2010


Well I have to tell you that I just had a great day today. I was geo caching with Ken and we went down near Greenwood -- we probably walked 4 or 5 kms and I heard so many neat sounds -- First of all I could hear ken's voice and understaood a lot things he said when he looked at me and when  there were just the two of us in the car, so we actually had some great conversations while Ken drove --- that was neat ...
Our 1st stop as we walked thru a field I could hear the twigs snap . the frozen grass crunch --- amazing wonderful sounds -- then a loud noise and ken tells me it is an airplane -- I heard it but no idea what it was ..At one point Ken was behind me and spoke and I knew that he was talking and was able to answer back ---that surprised him .
We walked over two brooks , one small and one  quite big and I could not hear anything but noise when I was standing right over them but on the way back the 2nd one was bubbling around  some rocks and it did seem a bit more clear but I really did not know what it was.
We were in woods looking for a cache and I heard ken talking to someone -- no idea who but I looked around and there was a man approaching us. It was the cache owner and it was interesting I could tell when he and ken talked but no idea what they said but when I asked ken and he told me , I did understand him . then all of a sudden a sound ,a loud noise like a mix master -- What is that noise Ken ??? It was a helicopter hahahha
Man it was loud ......................
One more thing we are in the car and I hear Ken say something and I said --what did u say and ken said --that was the GPS talking not me .. LOL ....
So it was a super day to be out on trails and we had fun ... Have a good night ...........

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a quick note on Sunday

Well another great day but I am going to admit that I am tired tonight so an early one for me --- day was a lot of fun -- went to Ramada Inn in Dartmouth for a swimming birthday party for Isaac who will be 3 in early January so a pool party today ... the kids all had fun and then pizza and cake --the highlight for me was hearing in my tinny voice ear "Happy Birthday" being sung to my gran son for the 1st time ....... that was really neat ....then some time at the mall --- noise is getting a bit easier to live with but the really good news is that the shopping is all done so no more mall for a while --LOL
Okay if the weather co-operates tomorrow ,a day out on the trails , Geo caching and I am looking fwd to that and seeing just what sounds I may hear.
Have a good week ..............................................

Saturday recap

Well Good Morning , what a great day we had yesterday .. my CI worked perfect but again 3 batteries ..amazing .. we went to New Minas as R had a hair appointment and so I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee-- it was so loud inside Tim's --- I could not believe it --all the machines and noise --your brain just blocks it out but the CI just magnifies it all -- then last night we went to a friends  40th birthday cerebration. What a fantastic time we had and met so many new interesting people . For me it was really a new experience -- Steven place is a great place sound wise so I was able to concentrate and talk with most people and CI did help me a lot ... then Steven said we are going to sing a few Christmas songs ... so I went over to the Piano with him and the the First song was 'Silver Bells " and Steven being a really great guy put his finger on each word as they sang it but I surprised him and myself by saying that okay I can follow this song --- it was awesome for me --I had goose bumps on my arms --- that was the only song I could follow ..the others were at different levels but I was happy .I got tired before we left and my listening skills went way down --- But we had such a great night ..
Off early this am to get a few things at mall then a swimming party for my Grand son's birthday ... it looks like another beautiful day so I hope all enjoy it ................

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday am

Well yesterday that new program was very loud in my head and it also used three batteries up . complete -- that is compared to about 1 1/2 in the old program ...
Last night at the pub when we arrived it was very noisy and band was playing ...  I describe the hearing sensation. as .. the noise was like a rock crusher operating and I could not hear the band at all ..... later in the evening as it got a bit more quiet and the band played when they sang I could tell some one was singing but it was very  very far off and a very high voice ---  but I think the back ground noise had a lot to do with it ..
I am going to confess that at one point last night I said to myself - I am going to turn this CI off and then I said -- why ?? are you going to be selective in what you hear ?? and at that point I did realize that I need to wear this 100% of the time to train my brain and in all honesty ...I did not wanna give up the noise even though it was not comfortable . So today I have turned the CI down just a bit and it is more comfortable and I am betting that I will do fine  ...You know why cuz the birds are singing and I still hear them but now it is background noise and not a magnified sound that overrides everything else . we will see .....
So off to the mall to finish a little shopping and then tonight a birthday get together for a good friend so that will be another new experience ......
Happy Saturday to all .....................................................

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday supper time

Well Dr appointment went well but I had the volume up a bit over normal just to be sure and it was great for voices but normal noise was very loud --in the office the receptionist was talking with another patient ,they were about 8 ft apart -- loud in my ear --then Dr called me -- I could read his lips that  he called my name -- in I go and explain about my hearing -- well he wanted to talk about my CI not the reason  I was there ..LOL ..anyway I had to ask him to repeat a lot because he talks very fast BUT I got all the important stuff that he said --then went to visit a friend for lunch -- we have been friends for ever so when we were talking he was whispering because he knows it did not matter if he spoke out loud before -- so all afternoon i was Like --David please speak up -- that was unreal for me .................. saw Rick on my way home and heard his voice --- it was very deep -- understanding more from him as days  go on ..
Tonight a good friend  who has a 3 piece music group is playing at the local pub in Windsor and so we are going to go for a few hours so more new sounds .....................................
Have a great Friday night ...........................................


Well this new setting is quite loud and this morning went to put laundry on in basement and I said what is running as I could hear something and it was the furance. This is 10 years old so I never heard it before.
Off to see another Dr this am. Nothing to serious but I do get to see how I do talking with him.
Gotta jet so later

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday evening

Well what a day I had ... all is good in the CI world and lots of interesting stuff going on ....before I headed to Halifax I had a few stops in town so I put the volume a little above normal and  it worked well for me --- as I entered the hard ware store they all stopped and laughted out loud to me so i said -- Yeah I hear ya !!!!!
then headed to Halifax --w ell the road noise in my car that I was hearing  was so loud that after 5 minutes I unhooked the CI -- could not stand it ... once into Dartmouth I pulled over and hooked it all up ,,, and then I flipped on the radio --- I knew that someone  was talking -- no idea what they said but talk then music and Yes I could get a beat --I was pretty happy about that ...
Grabbed  3 caches before my  appointment then went to see Adrienne the Audiologist ... now Adrienne has been reading my blog so she knew how I was doing each day and said that all is progressing well and that it all seems pretty normal .... 1st time any one ever said I was "Normal " LOL !!
So we programmed two new hearing levels into the CI and left the one that I was comfortable with ... so all is good there ,,, next appointment is 1st week in January ....
Now the office is in Park Lane and so I parked about 2 blocks away ---  I arrive on Spring Garden Road and  the noise of that street is amazing .... I hear some one laugh at the stop light and i am looking around to see who laughing ... amazing ............ during this appointment I heard Adrienne 's voice very well , not clear but I heard her --last week I could not  so that is really something .... I just need to keep working away at everything ....  but I have to say that the JOY and FUN I am having from all these new sounds is awesome ..
That is it for tonight ... I am a bit tired from my day ... sleep well    ................

Thursday am

Well off to visit with the audiologist this afternoon and so I was typing up my questions and my observations and also completing a hearing questionnaire for the speech pathologist and what it shows is that I do hear many normal sounds I just do not know what they are unless I know what is making the noise --like the dog barking yesterday ....so I will have to train the brain to understand --- could be a long time since I have such a small one !!!
Last night Rhonda and I practiced --Yes and No .... there is a definite difference in these two words and under a simple test I was able   to tell what R said without looking at her .... again very basic but a start .........
okay . a million things to do before my appointment and gotta try and squeeze in a couple of city caches ..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday night

hey ... nothing really new to blog about -- Super Store was up and down --talked to some folks and lots of noise others none .... looking forward to my visit to morrow to audiologist .
Will Blog tomorrow night about what she has told me ... till then ... Cheers .......................

wed noon

ok all the wind damage is now fixed up and back door is all ready for  whatever Mr Winter throws at us --had to go up to Home Hardware to get a few things and when I walk in the lady at the cash looks at me and laughs out loud -- Just for me ...hahahhaha
Here is a small story u might apprecaite --I am working outside , getting pretty used to having  some noise going on and then  I hear something --- no idea what it is but I am heraing a noise repeatedly so I look all around me , make the scope of my looking bigger and there is my neighbors dog running back and forth Barking !!!!
I laughted at that one -- did not sound like a dog but I did hear the noise
okay lunch then errands in W town .... later

Wednesday am ..

Well first I have to say a big "Thanks" to all ..for the comments and personal e-mails from family & friends is awesome. Thanks for your support ......
Bang, Crash, Bang ........ that is mostly what I hear ... oh yeah and that constant sound that I know the birds are still here (LOL) ..... honestly everything is magnified in sound  so a simple door closing is a BANG and even a spoon put on table is a bang but when I hear voices they are usually so far away and so distorted . I am hoping in time and further adjustments in the CI that this will be better. I am just leaving the volume at the recommended setting and not turning it up too far so all sounds are ok and not giving me the head ache I had the first few days .
Tomorrow I go back to the Audiologist and of course I have a ton of questions and we will set up three new hearing levels for the CI .....
Today I have to fix the outside back door from the storm and then a trip to Super Store ...now this is one of my favorite places and I know most people there so looking fwd to this excursion and it will be neat to see what new sounds I get ............
Okay ... have a good day ... blog later

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well it was an interesting night
A friend text to ask me if I could hear the wind. We did have a big blow but inside the house I could not hear anything but Rhonda could. Then around 10 pm R says something is banging outside so we went out and back door blew open and tore off part of down spot so I had to put it all in barn and the bbq blew over so R helped me with that
It was neat up be working and hearing noise. I no longer felt like I was in a void
Amazing really.
This morning my Buddy Rick came to check that all was OK and after repeating some things I understood what he said. Cooked breakfast outside on cook stove as no power.
That's it for now

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday mormning

Well it is wet and rainy but that is okay --we were  up late last night and after our busy weekend I am going to take it very easy today but had to do some hearing exercises that I have devised myself --- one is that every Monday I will listen to a dvd from the CI manufacturer and use that a guide as to how my understanding is coming along and also to try different volume levels -- what I found out was that turning up the volume made everything louder and uncomfortable but not any clearer so that was important to learn . I will continue to adjust the volume a bit and see what happens .
My sister asked if I still lip read --this is what I said --
You asked about lip reading --o yeah because I do not understand these sounds --most are just noise ---I can tell the phone ringing and have a squawk from birds but other than laughter no sounds really make sense so have to lip read .
okay , John Grisham new book is waiting so i am taking the morning off ...............

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday evening

Well what a day ... level 2 and a little over half for a setting --that way all day .. Nick,Lisa,Aidan & Lara came for a visit this morning . When it was quiet in the room and Lara ( almost one) walked across the floor with her new boots on I could hear her shoes click .... that was neat .... the laughter from Aidan was neat . We had a great visit . Then off to Boston Pizza in New Minas for my niece ( Chris Webb) birthday . I drove and had 2 teenage girls and 2 women in the car ... they never stop talking or laughing .... I got them all to be quiet for a few minutes and all say one sentence which was the same --- one at a time --- i had no idea what they said but I could tell that 2 of the 4 were different ..that was neat .... then after BP ... more shopping ... then home ..I was beat so had a rest and now have the CI turned down just a bit .... oh not to worry I can still hear those birds singing .............. night all ... will blog tomorrow .........

Sunday Morning

Good Morning --- sun is shining and the birds are singing ........................ oh they are constantly singing hahahha
Dinner last night was excellent ... 4 courses of delicious food ..... there were 12 people there and I had the volume up past half so it was very noisy and was harder than the night before with about 40 . But it was not unbearable and audiologist said that I have to challenge the brain. Every once in a while a great laugh clear as anything would come thru --- that was neat .... now the laughter still sounds tinny but I know that it is laughter .
Okay , wishing all a great day and unless some new sounds pop into my head I will not likely blog till later today .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

back home

I am back home and am now writing this on my computer so  will be a bit more complete I hope and I will try my best when posting from the phone to reread post --just harder to correct on phone ..
Had a great day .... many many  sounds --- went shopping saw our two grand sons Jack & Isaac at noon at Mac D ... not the best place to hear much as lots going on but we just love seeing the kids and then on way  home we stopped in at Nick & Lisa and saw Lara and heard her laugh !!!!!..Aidan was asleep so will catch him later .
We stopped on the way down for gas as I opened the car door the bells started ringing as I left my keys in the ignition -- I just looked at R and laugh  out loud so much -- I just heard the car bells ring hahha
All the stores are busy and noisy but I could tell when they made announcements -- no idea what was said and of all the stores --future shop had more bells and whistles going and phone  ringing  --- amazing ....
Home now and a bit tired and a head ache  but looking forward to our dinner out at friends home --I think there will be 6 of us there so should be a good test for me .
Have a great Saturday night and will Blog tomorrow .................. Cheers .................


Well we had trouble getting hooked up this am and that was frustrating and I was worried that I might not hear this morning. But we finally got connected and could hear those birds right away. Smile
When I talked to the doctors about getting a C I  I told them that I want all or nothing
I said that I would not be happy with just sound. That was my thinking as a person that heard and then they went thru a hearing loss.
Now as a person just starting to  get my  hearing back I am now prepared to accept any sounds that came to me this morning when I could not get connected, I just realized how important this sound is to me
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Saturday morning

Well we had fun at party and out was lots of people but I had sound turned down so it was OK and lots of people interested in how the C I works.
Back on in level2 And sound turned up so another new day.
Errands in city and dinner with friends tonight
Going to see gran kids some time this weekend and cannot wait to hear them

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday night

Well what a day and do many wonderful notes from so many people. Text and e mail is wonderful.
Well tonight is a Christmas party at our good friends and will be a major test for me. If too loud I will turn sound down.
Read tomorrow to see how I made out

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Wall mart

Well made it thru three store
Fun going in toy island and listening to people laugh
Going home for a nap all this listening is making me tired

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Any idea just how much noise there is in a store ?
Driving up I was getting this noise that was rough and I thought if driving is this noisy then maybe I will turn this odd when driving then I took there exit and new paving and quiet oh do nice was the rough road

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Car bells

Just started the car and heard the bells ringing I do not ever think I heard them before

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I cannot get out because too many new things happening
I am up on second floor and all is quiet then I hear the birds so I think can I hear the phone in the other room. This level 2 very strong so I called the house on my cell and from 2 rooms way heard the phone ring. OK I really need to leave now.

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Off to the mall

Well I have to go shopping this am so should be interesting

Going to try to leave on level 2 but it is so noisy. I can hear the water running from the tap
So many sounds I just cannot list them all amazing
Have a good morning will write later

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Well just in from shoveling a wee bit of snow and with this new level 2 everything is magnified soooo loud --I heard the car heater blower when I started R car and then could hear the snow shovel on walkway ... amazing ...
Back in the house those dam birds are sooooo noisy ---- yesterday at the level 1, I hardly heard them this am I am in teh kitchen and they are going off constantly ---- I just might have to turn it down LOL !!!!

Chris Fry
9 Avon Street
Hantsport, N.S. B0P1P0


Well woke up morning and first thought man it is quiet so I put on the C I . Turned on level 2 . I have 3 Levels programmed. So this is louder
R clapped her hands and snapped her fingers and I could tell the difference with out looking.
Breakfast now

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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am sitting here plugging away on my computer and I hear something and I look up and Yup phone is ringing ----- pretty dam neat ...
No I did not answer it LOL !!!!!!

Chris Fry
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Thursday evening

Well Nick is my inspiration on this Blog -- says he loves it and it so easy as most posting are from my phone --please excuse any typing errors --I am going for content not perfection .. so guess if it does not make sense and then laugh ... just for me ...
Sitting at supper with r and it is amazing the noise everywhere, the birds are making a noise r tells me and I get is this small noise in background but it pretty constant ... talking with R   is pretty easy but that is nothing new ,,
after supper doing dishes is very noisy but I have to get use to the noise cuz when there is none I really notice it ,,
ok quite tired so unless something major happens here I will Blog in the am .. sleep well ............ Chris


Hey unit stopped working and I was upset then thought check battery an nd sure enough so now back st full power and wow

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Well had my walk up town and nothing too exciting. A few cars but no great sound but I got the click click of my cane. Always walk with my cane for safety. OK home now and gotta st tsar supper

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Hey just turned on the small radio for the birds and although I had no idea what was said I easily tell that radio was on

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Noon time

Just outside hanging some clothes on the line. Wrote the knit hat and it was fine. Heard a few pops in the ear but no idea what it was.
Now what's for lunch

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Seeing if I can blog from my phone
Cartoons are play playing in back ground

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December 9

Okay , this is blog 2 .. as I sit here in the kitchen I am hearing a lot of twitter sounds so am guess it is the birds ..I am suppose to talk to my self but it is like being in a cave with the echo coming every time I speak ...but i am going to keep at it and just turning on the tv and as they are talking it is very noisy and very static
Okay , I having a few issues this morning on getting it connected all the time so going to work on that now ..
talk later


Ok,this is my first blog and I am starting with yesterday ...at 1:30 pm I had my CI ( cochlear implant) turned on. My wife Rhonda , two of my sons , John & Nick were with me. There was some good news at the very beginning and that was that the hearing nerve was working and that was step one. I was able to hear my own voice when I spoke but it is very gargled and sounds tinny and a very large echo all the time .....
So we came home and on way home R ( Rhonda ) had the radio on we turned it up loud for some music and it sounded very different but on a few sounds I did have the beat right ..
From the very beginning my Laughter and R laugh have been the most prominent ...amazing ...
Last night upstairs the phone rang and R pointed to phone and I looked at it and I could then get the sound that it was ringing .... Heard a plop plop plop as I walked up the stairs ....
okay I am going to try and post this and then if it works will write a couple of times a day ..
Thanks to all for the many thoughts, prayers, mails, calls ..appreciate them all ... Chris