Spring Sprint

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok,this is my first blog and I am starting with yesterday ...at 1:30 pm I had my CI ( cochlear implant) turned on. My wife Rhonda , two of my sons , John & Nick were with me. There was some good news at the very beginning and that was that the hearing nerve was working and that was step one. I was able to hear my own voice when I spoke but it is very gargled and sounds tinny and a very large echo all the time .....
So we came home and on way home R ( Rhonda ) had the radio on we turned it up loud for some music and it sounded very different but on a few sounds I did have the beat right ..
From the very beginning my Laughter and R laugh have been the most prominent ...amazing ...
Last night upstairs the phone rang and R pointed to phone and I looked at it and I could then get the sound that it was ringing .... Heard a plop plop plop as I walked up the stairs ....
okay I am going to try and post this and then if it works will write a couple of times a day ..
Thanks to all for the many thoughts, prayers, mails, calls ..appreciate them all ... Chris


  1. Dad, I think this is such an awesome idea, I know I am so excited to hear of any news at all!! We are all proud of you

  2. This blog is a wonderful way to share your journey back to hearing, Chris. I can't wait to read of your continuing progress!