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Saturday, December 11, 2010

back home

I am back home and am now writing this on my computer so  will be a bit more complete I hope and I will try my best when posting from the phone to reread post --just harder to correct on phone ..
Had a great day .... many many  sounds --- went shopping saw our two grand sons Jack & Isaac at noon at Mac D ... not the best place to hear much as lots going on but we just love seeing the kids and then on way  home we stopped in at Nick & Lisa and saw Lara and heard her laugh !!!!!..Aidan was asleep so will catch him later .
We stopped on the way down for gas as I opened the car door the bells started ringing as I left my keys in the ignition -- I just looked at R and laugh  out loud so much -- I just heard the car bells ring hahha
All the stores are busy and noisy but I could tell when they made announcements -- no idea what was said and of all the stores --future shop had more bells and whistles going and phone  ringing  --- amazing ....
Home now and a bit tired and a head ache  but looking forward to our dinner out at friends home --I think there will be 6 of us there so should be a good test for me .
Have a great Saturday night and will Blog tomorrow .................. Cheers .................

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