Spring Sprint

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday evening

Well what a day I had ... all is good in the CI world and lots of interesting stuff going on ....before I headed to Halifax I had a few stops in town so I put the volume a little above normal and  it worked well for me --- as I entered the hard ware store they all stopped and laughted out loud to me so i said -- Yeah I hear ya !!!!!
then headed to Halifax --w ell the road noise in my car that I was hearing  was so loud that after 5 minutes I unhooked the CI -- could not stand it ... once into Dartmouth I pulled over and hooked it all up ,,, and then I flipped on the radio --- I knew that someone  was talking -- no idea what they said but talk then music and Yes I could get a beat --I was pretty happy about that ...
Grabbed  3 caches before my  appointment then went to see Adrienne the Audiologist ... now Adrienne has been reading my blog so she knew how I was doing each day and said that all is progressing well and that it all seems pretty normal .... 1st time any one ever said I was "Normal " LOL !!
So we programmed two new hearing levels into the CI and left the one that I was comfortable with ... so all is good there ,,, next appointment is 1st week in January ....
Now the office is in Park Lane and so I parked about 2 blocks away ---  I arrive on Spring Garden Road and  the noise of that street is amazing .... I hear some one laugh at the stop light and i am looking around to see who laughing ... amazing ............ during this appointment I heard Adrienne 's voice very well , not clear but I heard her --last week I could not  so that is really something .... I just need to keep working away at everything ....  but I have to say that the JOY and FUN I am having from all these new sounds is awesome ..
That is it for tonight ... I am a bit tired from my day ... sleep well    ................


  1. Fantastic news Chris, glad all is progressing so well. Pretty soon you'll be grooving to a beat again, tell Rhonda to dust off her dancing shoes she'll soon be needing them. LOL

  2. I'm so happy for you, Chris! This is an amazing journey that you are sharing with us. Just remember, though, "normal" is very much a relative term.... LOL

  3. Or as Vickie says "Normal" is just a setting on the wash machine.