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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday evening

Well went to the eye doctor this afternoon and it was kinda interesting --usually Rhonda comes in with me and explains what the Dr says but today after having him repeat most things a few times I could understand what was said and when the lights were out and I am looking thru his lens machine and he says  -- better /worse , I could tell what word he said and answer him ......... then we went out to dinner at the restaurant just down from Dr office and when we sat down I said to Rhonda --what is that noise --she said I think it is a fan , well after about 5 minutes I had to turn the volume down on the CI as that fan noise was too uncomfortable --- amazing the sounds I am hearing and how some are so loud and others comfortable ..............okay I am a bit tired so going in for some TV time ...have a great evening .

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