Spring Sprint

Monday, December 20, 2010


Well I have to tell you that I just had a great day today. I was geo caching with Ken and we went down near Greenwood -- we probably walked 4 or 5 kms and I heard so many neat sounds -- First of all I could hear ken's voice and understaood a lot things he said when he looked at me and when  there were just the two of us in the car, so we actually had some great conversations while Ken drove --- that was neat ...
Our 1st stop as we walked thru a field I could hear the twigs snap . the frozen grass crunch --- amazing wonderful sounds -- then a loud noise and ken tells me it is an airplane -- I heard it but no idea what it was ..At one point Ken was behind me and spoke and I knew that he was talking and was able to answer back ---that surprised him .
We walked over two brooks , one small and one  quite big and I could not hear anything but noise when I was standing right over them but on the way back the 2nd one was bubbling around  some rocks and it did seem a bit more clear but I really did not know what it was.
We were in woods looking for a cache and I heard ken talking to someone -- no idea who but I looked around and there was a man approaching us. It was the cache owner and it was interesting I could tell when he and ken talked but no idea what they said but when I asked ken and he told me , I did understand him . then all of a sudden a sound ,a loud noise like a mix master -- What is that noise Ken ??? It was a helicopter hahahha
Man it was loud ......................
One more thing we are in the car and I hear Ken say something and I said --what did u say and ken said --that was the GPS talking not me .. LOL ....
So it was a super day to be out on trails and we had fun ... Have a good night ...........


  1. Dad, that is an awesome post, glad you had such a good day!

  2. This was an awesome day. It was extremely moving for me to find out that Chris really could hear my voice. Well, either that or he made some pretty accurate guesses and gave me the correct answer! LOL And I am learning from Chris to hear the sounds that we all take for granted - the babbling brook or the sound of a breaking twig. Or at one point Chris smiled and told me he could hear every time the tip of my hiking stick hit the rocks that we were walking over.

    We were at the back gate to 14 Wing Greenwood early in the day and I could hear an aircraft running its engines up in preparation for takeoff. Chris couldn't hear that, but he sure heard the aircraft as it passed almost directly over our heads at about 100 feet, engines roaring as it gained altitude!

    And that helicopter! "What is that sound?" Chris asked. I said "Helicopter," looked up and pointed to a Sea King SAR chopper circling over our heads and heading east. What I should have said is that it was a Sea King, watch out, parts may drop off! That aside, it sure WAS loud, Chris!

    And my car GPS, yes, the computer voice suddenly told me to turn in so many meters. Chris looked up and said "Pardon me?" As I laughed, Chris immediately realized it was the GPS talking, not me. We shared that laugh!

    We are all very privileged to be reading this blog as Chris shares his journey back to hearing with us. Today I considered myself absolutely blessed to be a part of the day, to hear these sounds along with Chris and enjoy the experience by his side.

    I will remember this day every time I hear a babbling brook. Or a stick break as I walk through the forest. Or frozen grass crunching under my feet. And definitely when I see and hear a helicopter overhead!

    Thank you, my friend. This really was an amazing day!

  3. Well said Ken, amazing advances you are making Chris. Can't wait till i can share this experience with you in person.