Spring Sprint

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1,2012 .................... it has now been 18 months since I have been turned on with my CI and what a difference it has made in my life . It has changed things with Rhonda, with the grand kids with friends and family and it has made so many new things available to me . I say new because they are new . I have been turning up the volume whenever possible these last few months and so many new sounds are coming .
yesterday I was cutting the grass first the first time this year, now I know that I cut the grass last year with the CI but so many things were happening to me that I do not think I paid that much attention to the mowers and maybe I just turned so low I could not hear ...well yesterday I heard both of them --those suckers are loud --lol ...I had the ci cranked up so I turned it down some but not so low that I could not hear all the sounds --I use two mowers and both sound different .....I had a great day hearing all the different sounds from those mowers ...here is an interesting thing --if I stood with my CI ear to mower hear it perfectly clear but when I turned away from mower it just sounded far off --no idea which direction the noise was just noise far off ...
just to repeat again from other posts that when I am in a quiet room with no more than 2 other people and I can see them ...I can get at least 90% ..... change any of those and my hearing understanding changes ---
Now --- the other day I did get a new I phone and YES I do love it ...a buddy knew I had the phone and so he called me using 'Face Time" ...well I heard my phone ring --saw it was Wayne --saw the face time connect and next thing I know I am looking at his face and Yes I could get what we talk about because I could both hear and see him ..........oh technology is sooooo amazing .
With this higher volume I am using more power so batteries lasting even less time ---I have been taking the car charger with me lately as the other day I went thru 5 batteries ... again PTL they are rechargeable ...
Life is rolling along --I feel so lucky and blessed that this hearing opportunity has been given to me ..the last time I was in to see the Doctor he told me that they had done this operation now on a number of NF2 patients and only 1 had not worked. That is fantastic news for any NF people.
Enjoy all the sounds you hear and Remember to always Protect your hearing ...
Have a great day ...Chris