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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday morning ..

On Tuesday for the past 2 years I have been going to the Hants Community hospital and volunteering at the CAP site . Today is my first day here with CI turned on. Last week no power due to storm. So a whole new environment for me --- I can hear people moving around and when they talk out in the hall I can tell someone is talking -- that is amazing ... I  know most of the staff that work here and so many hugs from so many people here.They are so so excited for me.
Okay , I had to set up a new fax machine and we sent off a fax but the place it was going did not have any power so machine went on re-dial . It is right beside my ear ... after an hour I hear this LOUD noise --- OMG what is that  ???? look all around --the new fax machine is printing out a report --hahhahha sounded like an army tank coming at me ---
Okay , I do have some work to get done but wanted to jot down a few thoughts while they are fresh in my mind.
Have a great afternoon .................

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