Spring Sprint

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday evening

Well Nick is my inspiration on this Blog -- says he loves it and it so easy as most posting are from my phone --please excuse any typing errors --I am going for content not perfection .. so guess if it does not make sense and then laugh ... just for me ...
Sitting at supper with r and it is amazing the noise everywhere, the birds are making a noise r tells me and I get is this small noise in background but it pretty constant ... talking with R   is pretty easy but that is nothing new ,,
after supper doing dishes is very noisy but I have to get use to the noise cuz when there is none I really notice it ,,
ok quite tired so unless something major happens here I will Blog in the am .. sleep well ............ Chris


  1. Nick isn't the only one who loves this blog, Chris! (I'm reading your posts through my RSS feed and only come to the actual blog page when I want to make a comment.) Keep the good news coming my friend, it's the best news on the web!

  2. You'll be cursing those birds in no time! lol Love the blog as well!! :)