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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well it was an interesting night
A friend text to ask me if I could hear the wind. We did have a big blow but inside the house I could not hear anything but Rhonda could. Then around 10 pm R says something is banging outside so we went out and back door blew open and tore off part of down spot so I had to put it all in barn and the bbq blew over so R helped me with that
It was neat up be working and hearing noise. I no longer felt like I was in a void
Amazing really.
This morning my Buddy Rick came to check that all was OK and after repeating some things I understood what he said. Cooked breakfast outside on cook stove as no power.
That's it for now

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  1. Hey Dad, you may want to sell some ad space specifically to me (NFL, NBA etc) for this page, because i am on here all of the time checking for and reading these amazing updates. What a Christmas gift!