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Thursday, December 23, 2010

thursday am

Well , you know what every day is new sounds ...this morning I walk out into the hall and say --What is that sound ?? It was my son Mark , having a shower ...WOW , I have not heard that sound in many many years and this is kinda funny ...if I am out somewhere , especially say a busy house party , I always have to ask someone if they will come knock on the bathroom door to see if any one is in it --- that  was kind of an embarrassing things to do but not as embarrassing as walking into some one in the bathroom . Maybe now I might hear if they make a sound --- will have to try that one out .....
Okay , that is your chuckle to start the day ..we have Aidan ( 3) and Lara (+1) today so that should be a lot of fun and then a pre christmas eve get together at friends .... hope you all have a great day .... Hears to All !!!!!!!

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