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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday recap

Well Good Morning , what a great day we had yesterday .. my CI worked perfect but again 3 batteries ..amazing .. we went to New Minas as R had a hair appointment and so I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee-- it was so loud inside Tim's --- I could not believe it --all the machines and noise --your brain just blocks it out but the CI just magnifies it all -- then last night we went to a friends  40th birthday cerebration. What a fantastic time we had and met so many new interesting people . For me it was really a new experience -- Steven place is a great place sound wise so I was able to concentrate and talk with most people and CI did help me a lot ... then Steven said we are going to sing a few Christmas songs ... so I went over to the Piano with him and the the First song was 'Silver Bells " and Steven being a really great guy put his finger on each word as they sang it but I surprised him and myself by saying that okay I can follow this song --- it was awesome for me --I had goose bumps on my arms --- that was the only song I could follow ..the others were at different levels but I was happy .I got tired before we left and my listening skills went way down --- But we had such a great night ..
Off early this am to get a few things at mall then a swimming party for my Grand son's birthday ... it looks like another beautiful day so I hope all enjoy it ................

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  1. Sounds great Chris, your social calendar seems pretty full. It's great that you have so many supportive friends, it makes your journey to hearing that much easier.