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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday am ..

Well first I have to say a big "Thanks" to all ..for the comments and personal e-mails from family & friends is awesome. Thanks for your support ......
Bang, Crash, Bang ........ that is mostly what I hear ... oh yeah and that constant sound that I know the birds are still here (LOL) ..... honestly everything is magnified in sound  so a simple door closing is a BANG and even a spoon put on table is a bang but when I hear voices they are usually so far away and so distorted . I am hoping in time and further adjustments in the CI that this will be better. I am just leaving the volume at the recommended setting and not turning it up too far so all sounds are ok and not giving me the head ache I had the first few days .
Tomorrow I go back to the Audiologist and of course I have a ton of questions and we will set up three new hearing levels for the CI .....
Today I have to fix the outside back door from the storm and then a trip to Super Store ...now this is one of my favorite places and I know most people there so looking fwd to this excursion and it will be neat to see what new sounds I get ............
Okay ... have a good day ... blog later

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