Spring Sprint

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday am

Well off to visit with the audiologist this afternoon and so I was typing up my questions and my observations and also completing a hearing questionnaire for the speech pathologist and what it shows is that I do hear many normal sounds I just do not know what they are unless I know what is making the noise --like the dog barking yesterday ....so I will have to train the brain to understand --- could be a long time since I have such a small one !!!
Last night Rhonda and I practiced --Yes and No .... there is a definite difference in these two words and under a simple test I was able   to tell what R said without looking at her .... again very basic but a start .........
okay . a million things to do before my appointment and gotta try and squeeze in a couple of city caches ..

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  1. Chris it seems like you are making a little progress each day, which is great. Can't wait to see you in person again to see if you can hear my laugh. :)