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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wedenesday night..

It is now 9 30 pm and I am a tired guy but I had a good day . I am quite lucky because almost every day is a good day and I know that not everyone feels that way but I do .Today at the hospital when the receptionist was asking me all the questions , I had to ask her to look at me when she spoke so that I could read her lips along with hearing her. I explained about my new CI and she was very accommodating and we did fine. Then went in with the doctor to do some work on my back and so the Doctor, Rhonda and Nurse were behind me and I was lying down but I still had the CI on and I was able to tell when Dr spoke , when R spoke or the nurse . No idea what they talked about but I could tell the difference .I felt pretty good about that .
Tonight we went to dinner at my sisters. What a delicious meal and I was able to talk with my brother in law by  listening to his voice sounds and reading his lips ----have not been able to do that for many years. There was just the 4 of us so that was really nice and if someone spoke directly to me I could usually follow it -- when they were talking among them selves , I knew they were talking and most times  I knew who was talking but could not understand what was being said ....Funny thing is that I am not frustrated like I used to be .I feel really calm most of the time . Not sure if Rhonda has noticed a difference but I know that I feel a difference .
Okay some quiet time for me .................
one more thing , today Rhonda said those birds are awful noisy today and I said , honestly , they are always noisy so now I hardly even notice the sound but I do notice the quiet when they are not being noisy ... Sleep well

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