Spring Sprint

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday evening

Well what a day ... level 2 and a little over half for a setting --that way all day .. Nick,Lisa,Aidan & Lara came for a visit this morning . When it was quiet in the room and Lara ( almost one) walked across the floor with her new boots on I could hear her shoes click .... that was neat .... the laughter from Aidan was neat . We had a great visit . Then off to Boston Pizza in New Minas for my niece ( Chris Webb) birthday . I drove and had 2 teenage girls and 2 women in the car ... they never stop talking or laughing .... I got them all to be quiet for a few minutes and all say one sentence which was the same --- one at a time --- i had no idea what they said but I could tell that 2 of the 4 were different ..that was neat .... then after BP ... more shopping ... then home ..I was beat so had a rest and now have the CI turned down just a bit .... oh not to worry I can still hear those birds singing .............. night all ... will blog tomorrow .........

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  1. So when will the birds become breakfast?? LOL Seriously, this is very exciting, Chris. Thanks for letting us in on the story via this blog!