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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday am

Hi Blog .. well it is nice to say that yesterday after doing the hospital site the rest of the day was pretty normal and I am liking that and today looks like some time at home till later this afternoon when I have an eye appointment and then dinner out with my wife !!
Here is what I noticed yesterday as some of the  family and a good friend was here . When they talk to me they change how they talk , they slow down , they use no voice and talk in short sentences. This is very touching to me as I now see exactly how they changed to adjust to my past hearing and it is so wonderful but now I say to them --- " Speak Up" I cannot hear you and they laugh at me because they have not had me say that to them for soooo long ................. Wonderful -- have a great  day ,,
ps -- I put the coffee on and no one is up yet and the birds are covered so they are quiet and I just heard the motor on the coffee machine -- 1st time --- loving these firsts .............

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  1. Great Chris, keep on improving. Love reading this everyday to keep up with your advancements.