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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday am

Well we did not loose our power last night and the storm seems to be missing us so I am grateful for that . Last night Rhonda and I watched a movie and it was amazing how the CI helped me get a much better sense of the movie than just reading the closed caption. I need the CC but the CI helps so much and easy to know when  a song is being played . One thing that I noticed is that most men voices are coming across as the same sounds to me and that when someone talks low it really is like they are whispering --amazing --I found I was leaning toward the TV --LOL .....
This morning I decided to put CI on the next level ...OMG it is that much louder again --I was totally in a comfort zone with the other level and this one is now back to echo and I tried for an hour at same volumne setting as yesterday but too loud so turned down a bit . I need to keep the brain moving so gotta keep up the challenge --- I am just totally amazed at how much change happens every few days ..........I still say that This is a Miracle !!!!
 Later gators ............................

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