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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday mormning

Well it is wet and rainy but that is okay --we were  up late last night and after our busy weekend I am going to take it very easy today but had to do some hearing exercises that I have devised myself --- one is that every Monday I will listen to a dvd from the CI manufacturer and use that a guide as to how my understanding is coming along and also to try different volume levels -- what I found out was that turning up the volume made everything louder and uncomfortable but not any clearer so that was important to learn . I will continue to adjust the volume a bit and see what happens .
My sister asked if I still lip read --this is what I said --
You asked about lip reading --o yeah because I do not understand these sounds --most are just noise ---I can tell the phone ringing and have a squawk from birds but other than laughter no sounds really make sense so have to lip read .
okay , John Grisham new book is waiting so i am taking the morning off ...............

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