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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Night

This new program is a bit stronger so going thru the same steps all over again of some echo but again hearing new sounds --- this afternoon I was in Save Easy at the milk isle ... and all of a sudden no noise --- now stores are usually very noisy so I look around and no one lese is in the isle so I put my hand up to my mouth and say
" Hello Hello" ...Yup CI is on ---- all is okay -- I take a quick look up and down the isle again to make sure no one is there watching me --hahhah I am thinking what would they say about a guy saying --hello hello all to himself hahhahhahha ...so I stood there and figured out that the cooler motors on the milk cooler must have reached their temp and they shut off so that was why it was soo quiet --- LOL .
Now the rest of the day and evening have been pretty normal ..... tomorrow I go to Kentville Hospital  for a minor procedure but it will be interesting to see if I can answer all the questions that they ask without asking for Rhonda's help ........... sleep well ...........................

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