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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day evening .......

Hey I started the day with an wonderful e-mail from The Gregor --great guy and he said how he enjoyed reading my blog -- I am just blown away with how many people do read it --I am so glad because it really is a  miracle. Today was so calm and peaceful we were home till noon and what I am finding around the house is that a lot of the sounds are now just that, ordinary sounds and so things are starting to blend in and not stand out .
We went  to Porter's lake to visit John &Pam , Jack & Isaac .... Isaac is 3 and I can tell when he talks but his voice is so high -- he sounds like the birds except that he is saying words and I know if I spent some major time with him that we could get it all together .. Jack is 5 .Jack's voice is deeper but still hard to understand plus Jack is always moving around so reading his words is harder but again I could tell easily when Jack was talking and that is something I could never do before . John 's voice is ok and I can get most of what he says . When Pam talks to me she is still whispering as she has ever since she knew me and again I become so aware of how people adjusted to accommodate me in the past and that just blows me away .  We had a wonderful visit and got home before the storm, Mark was with us today so that was good .
My special story for today is that I forgot to take extra batteries with me today . PTL that the CI stayed on till our drive home but I drove almost 45 minutes totally deaf and I could not talk with Rhonda , that iritating road noise was not there ----I did not like it ..... so I am sure that I will never forget my batteries again and I really hope that nothing ever happens to this CI because it is like a " Life Line " .... okay a "Sound Line" and I really need it ----- LOL ......
I really started this Blog for my son Nick  and then thought it was like a great diary for me and I do go back and reread where I was a few days ago with my hearing but it is also become for many people that read this an appreciation of all that they hear and take for granted so that really inspires me too .... Cheers

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