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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Well Good Morning ...................... seems like a long time ago since I wrote on my blog but it is only 1 day . Yesterday was a good Christmas with family & friends, lots of new sounds with all around but I really notice how much better I am on a one on one conversation . I lip read and listen and can understand most people. Some much clearer than others .
After we had the house all cleaned up we sat down to watch a movie last night .
My first movie with a CI --well movie was stupid and I did fall asleep before it was over but the important thing for me was how difficult it was to have all the sounds coming  at me and then having to read the closed captioning on the TV. It was quite confusing and I was very good at reading the CC on TV in the past. So that was interesting and it was neat that I could tell when there was music ot talking in the movie but  most music  does not sound like music , maybe in the future .
Today we are going to Porters lake to my son John's place and I cannot wait to spend some time with the kids when there are not 50 people around.  Hopefully I will hear them a little better.
I hope everyone has a great Boxing day ........ Enjoy your family !!!! 

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