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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well another great evening and day and more to come tonight .
Last night was an evening with friends at their home and there were about 20 of us and it was so great to see and hear everyone ... I did ok but when all talking the noise level was high but 1 on 1 worked great .
Today was super store and let me tell you --if any man out there like hugs & Kisses --- get a C I ...
hahhah everyone is so happy they "Hug & Kiss Me " !!! I am loving it ..
Tonight all family and friends are here and tomorrow the grand kids prsent opening then dinner here so lots of happy good things going on ......
One  quick story , today I am working in the kitchen and my niece is here helping --she goes out the front door to take something to green bin for me  --all of a sudden a hear a noise --that is a knocking --I look up and my niece is 2 feet  away on the outside knocking on the Windows ---- yahoo I heard her !!!!
I am wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas eve and day ........... Love to you all ... Chris 

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