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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 2nd try

Well darn this is my 2nd try -- I had a long blog done and got called away and when I came back hit wrong key and lost it all ....
Week was busy mostly at food bank .... we were ready for out families on Wednesday and we helped 37 families but it cleaned out most of our stock so later that day 2 women  went on a shopping spree and Thursday I worked filling all the shelves .. we are now ready for next month . On Thursday after FB I went to Wolf Ville and was out on the dykes geo caching. It was so windy and so noisy in my CI that I finally had to take it out --- 1st time I had to do that. It was too uncomfortable to wear. Thursday night we went to Windsor;s volunteer banquet where I get to present the Judy Fry Volunteer award .. Great tribute to Judy -- The acoustics in the room were very bad. I was able to know when some one spoke but no idea what was said ... BUT I did hear the piano play "O Canada" for the 1st time !!!!!!!
Friday was in Halifax as my sister had some oral surgery and I took her. I was able to easily communicate with nurses and doctors. each situation is different and learning to adapt is all part of the whole process. 
Rhonda has been so supportive to me. She listen to me when I tell her of a problem or a frustration and offers her thoughts and opinion .Our life is good together and just lately we have started to talk about a long car trip after Rhonda retires. This was never in the cards before because no fun to travel in a car when u cannot communicate. An hour or two ok but days on end no fun for anyone . It is wonderful that we are now able to plan this ....
Ok supper is almost ready -- Have a great week ..... 

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