Spring Sprint

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Sprint 2011

Hello All ... on May 14th we -- the "Fry family" will be walking in the brain tumor walk called the Spring Sprint -- we walked last year for the first time -- it was pretty amazing and the Fry family had a lot of people there who had brain tumors. As we can see through research many things can be achieved -- I am the perfect example. They told me that I would never hear again and a miracle happened and I am now hearing more than I ever thought I would again. I am asking for some sponsorship but I also know that we all get so many requests so I am keeping mine  small and asking for $10 . All those $10 will quickly add up -- the link is below or you let me know by e-mail that u want to support me and we can arrange to get the $$.
thanks for all of your support ... Chris 
Ok the link is not shown below but I am going to send it as just a link on the blog and I think that will work -- Thanks again 
Spring Sprint 2011

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