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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday again

Happy Sunny Sunday Morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that you all get to enjoy a little of this sun in some way today .another busy week of course as it is for us all . I am not complaining really . We are lucky that we are busy and that we can still do all things that we do --just takes some of us a little longer now and also we get tired more easily. I really found that this week . 
Well it was an interesting week , Monday , I spent a part of the day with my sister Patsy and we had a nice drive in the valley and lunch and it was sooo neat to be able to communicate so well with her and laugh . Then Tuesday I was at the hospital computer site and we were fairly busy and that day I had a few problems understanding some of the clients and had to have one person write to me .... that shook me up a bit but I could not understand or speech read at all . 
Then on Wednesday , Thursday and Friday I worked at the Hantsport Food Bank . We had some major problems with the building so had to move .. now the place we moved to was full of stuff so owner hired a crew to come and haul it all away but there was shelving we wanted so 2 of us went Wednesday to help the movers . They had 3 helpers and I could not understand one of them at all --the second one talked so fast and had a beard that I could not get him at all ....it was frustrating for me but we got it all done  and I could hear lots of noise ....
then Thursday Friday we cleaned and build shelving and stocked the shelves --- Good news is that by Friday afternoon Food Bank was already for next Wednesday which is our open day so that is great ...
Now for me when we were all working there -- usually there  was 5 or 6 of us -- I got all the noise , I got all the chatter but unless I was looking right at someone I did not know what was being said --at one point one of the workers asked me "Are you Ignoring us ??" I guess they were asking me a question --- 
This is what is  so hard to explain and for others to understand -- Yes I do hear ....  Yes I can understand most of what is said directly to me ..... BUT I do not hear like you do and when lots of activity going on for me it is a lot of confusion . More than once the other day I thought someone was calling me but they weren't .. at one point I wondered if I was hearing things hahhahhahhahahh
Anyway it was an interesting week hearing wise and was a real education for me about this hearing process..
Next week is another busy week and on Thursday evening we are going to the Windsor Volunteer Dinner where I always present the Judy Fry Volunteer Award to the town recipient so it will be interesting to see how the CI works for me in that situation ....................
Ok , bent your ear enough ............. Have a great week and catch you soon ............ 

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