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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st

hello Blog ........... no I did not forget you and yes I know it has been two weeks but other things were in high priority so just getting to my blog now .... things are really good in the hearing department -- yesterday  Rhonda asked me if my hearing had leveled off and I said no , not really ... especially with people's voices . I am getting to have fewer people that I cannot understand on a one to one . So that is a very big positive step for me   Over easter weekend we saw all the grand kids at different times and I was able to know when each of them talked -- could not understand them completely but did know they were talking which is awesome for me .. I know that as time goes on the kids and I will work it all out ... that is great ...
last Sunday Rhonda's sister had a major heart attack so we spent best part of the week at various hospitals . The good news is that she is home . Has been patched up and hopefully will be fine for a long time but it was a scary few days . We were with a lot of family all week and for me the one on ones were great but groups I did not get a lot so Rhonda as usual helped me out . What a partner !!
Thursday I was coming out of the hospital and all of a sudden the noise I was hearing was so so loud --what is that ---- Oh man I was scared it was so loud and I had no idea -- I looked up and a helicopter was landing on the roof of hospital --- I laughed at that one but it also showed me how my brain has still many sounds to learn . Background noises are very loud --like the wheels on the carts in grocery stores .... stop smiling ..they make a racket !!!! I am finding in some situations I need to turn the volume down because the sounds are so loud it hurts my ear . The other night I wanted to hear this TV show . I was watching it with Rhonda so I cranked the CI full blast --- I was hearing the tv but all of a sudden Rhonda laughed and |I grabbed my head --- it was like she had a mega phone right in my ear ..... I turned the CI back down -- LOL ....
Today I went fishing out at the beach with my buddy Paul and it was dam cold !!! and wind was up a lot -- I had a stocking cap on over the CI to help break the wind and it worked quite well . When the big waves were coming in I could get a roar in my ear from the water -- that was worth freezing my butt off for !!
Okay -- have a good week to all and I hope to blog again next weekend ...
Happy May !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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