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Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19.......

Well Good Morning Blog followers -- it is bright and early this am but I did have some things to write about so needed to "get er done !!!"
My son Nick wrote this week that I had not been on the blog for 6 weeks and so what's up ??? I have been having a great summer , enjoying the summer hearing to its fullest , family friends, birds , water lapping , motor cycles , music ....... it has just been wonderful and I have not blogged because no real Firsts since the "thunder Storm" till last evening ........................
Yesterday after a wonderful day at Bayswater beach with 6 friends .. not sure if I ever described what happens when the wind blows but it whistles kinda of in my ear --- reminds me a lot of sailing in a boat when I wore a hearing aid --- lots of that yesterday at beach  but also some great one on one conversations which were just great  ..after the beach Rhonda and I went to Chester to meet up with my sister Lynn and her husband dave and also my 1st Cousin Elaine and her husband Michael ... Elaine & Michael are from California and come stay in NS for the summer months -- we try to connect a few times while they are here. Both are wonderful super people.  Last night was the first time I had seen Michael and |Elaine since I had my CI installed . It was so neat to tell them my story and honestly every time I do tell the story I realize just what a miracle it is and how lucky and blessed I am .... Thanks You God & Dr Morris !!!
Back to last night , I was having my usual one on ones to get caught up with every one and when I talked with Michael I noticed something different in what I was hearing ---- most voices sound the same to me --that most women similar not same but similar and same for kids and also men so Michael was very distinctive so I asked Rhonda .... Does Michael talk different ? ..She laughed and said he has a strong British Accent !!!So I am able to tell that --- it was my first recognition of an accent ...I am sure in the last 8 months I have heard many but did not know ......so that is really cool ..we did have a great evening and when we went out to eat it was noisy in the restaurant I loose the conversation at the table but am just so happy to be able to hear all the "Noise" I just sit there and smile .....
Have a great weekend Bloggers ..... Hugs to all ... Chris ..

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