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Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Well Happy Summer one and all .. hope that you all had a great Canada day weekend--- Great to have a long weekend . 
My highlight of Canada day was the fireworks that night here in H town ..... they were spectacular but for me the noise was almost as exciting as the light show ......I could hear the initial pop when shot off and I never in my life heard that ...then when they banged in the sky it was an awesome sound not too loud at all very comfortable till the very end when they blow off so many all at one time and that noise was not comfortable to me at all but I soooooooooooooo loved the fireworks .................. rest of day and weekend  was fun ...lots of family and friends and yesterday we went to a big Geo Caching event in Liverpool and it was fun to meet a bunch of new people  as always  I am not good in large groups but one on one was great ...
okay --lets hope for a warm and dry July ....lots of beach days I hope ..... Cheers ... Chris 

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