Spring Sprint

Monday, March 21, 2011


It is one large Monday morning -- that sun is awesome ... and the moon last night ... wow ... it was something ..... well we did fine on St Patty's day ...... and as usual in a crowed group I do not hear well but that is how it is for many folks that have hearing losses. Friday and the weekend were nice and quiet and I think that Rhonda did get  well rested over the break and is now back at school . Yesterday while Rhonda was doing her school work I went to clean up a bit around our property. for the first time I heard the barn doors open , me banging around in the barn --wow I am noisy ---- had to get the extension ladder out to fix something it was quite noisy --- wow I could not get the smile off my face ---- lol ..
when I was down near the road I could hear the cars approach ... I did not hear the car engines I heard the car tires on the road --- that is weird sound and takes me a minute to realize exactly what it is ....
Okay I gotta start and get my domestic duties started for the day ... have a great one ................

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