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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now it is Tuesday .....

Good |Morning .... I am going to try and blog twice a week. So I left you last Thursday and on Friday I had an early breakfast with Nick at Mac D . That was great as Nick and I get some one on one time  which does not happen enough . Then I was off to the hospital fort the computer site for the day where I volunteer. It was neat to be able to understand people and not have to get them to write things down . When they come by my door with the machine that is washing the floor I feel like I am at the airport and standing out on the runway beside a plane . This 3rd program is soo loud I am not missing any sounds and some are sooooooooooo loud . Friday night we went to a friend's 50th birthday party. There were about 30 people there at their home.  Oh it was loud so I had to adjust the volume on the CI as it was just tooo loud . I refuse to turn it off . Even confusing loud sounds are better than not hearing at all . We did enjoy ourselves at the party.
Saturday , we went up the valley. Rhonda had her course in Wolfville and I just relaxed at the coffee shop with my book and then some shopping and home. Saturday night two friends came over and we played cards for the evening and with just the 4 of us I was able to follow all that was going on . It was pretty neat for me . Sunday was school work day and Sunday night we had two friends join us for dinner and the evening. Again with just 4 people and at home i was able to follow all . I was pretty tired on Sunday night after the busy weekend . you know the expression ---- "Great to be popular .... hell to be the Rage " .... LOL just kidding ..
Monday , my sister patsy had to get her car serviced in New Minas so we took a few hours and walked the rails to trails in Kentville and did a few geo caches ... Patsy loved it and at one point she was about 10 feet from me and saw the cache and hollered to me that she found it and I did hear her yell ---- no idea what she said but  I heard her and she was so excited that I heard her yell ... 
Tuesday and a stay at home day to get this house cleaned and laundry done as the rest of the week is busy ..
Untill next time ......... Remember to try and take 5 minutes just to yourself ........ YOU DESERVE IT !!!!!

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