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Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday night

I hope that all are enjoying their weekend ... I am sitting here typing to all of you with music playing in my head from 3 songs that I down loaded to my phone and the instrumental  is so real . It is truly miraculous . 
This is a music weekend . Last night was a friends birthday so the gang met at the Spit Fire Pub in Windsor. There was an awesome band playing called 2 to Midnight .. what a great band and for the first time in many many years I was able to hear the beat of the music and on one song after watching the singer lips and getting the beat I knew what song  was without Rhonda telling me. So I am one very happy camper and feel like I am taking giant leaps in this hearing process !!!! Bring it on !!!!  
Enjoy your Sunday ...
Hugs to all .... Chris 

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