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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basketball Game

We, Rhonda and I had a new hearing experience last night , our 15 year old niece was playing in a basketball tournament at Horton High and we went to watch the game. I had the CI turned back up on 3/4 again and thought I was ready for noise. Oh man was I wrong ....when we arrived they were out still warming up so noise level was high but not bad then all of a sudden --- this loud loud sound --the buzzer --oh man it was loud --- when the game started I was actually able to hear the sound of the ball being bounced on the floor --- all the chants and yelling were very noisy and loud -- by 1/2 time I did have a bit of a head ache from all the noise so I turned it down a bit but not too low. It was quite an experience --- they lost by 3 points so game was close and lots of action and noise . Today ,Saturday I am writing this at Tan coffee shop in Wolfville and they just turned on the coffee grinder and I thinking this place sounds  like the airport --outside hahhahahhah okay just turned off and now back to normal noise ----- this afternoon we are going to a "Celebration of Life" for our neighbor and it is in the community center so another hearing experience ...stay tuned ............

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  1. Thanks for sharing: laughing outloud when I read this.