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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday afternoon ......

Well it has been sunny here all day and temperatures are rising accordingly but maybe a small snowfall tonight . I mean what would I do if I did not have to start the day with the snow shovel LOL !!!!!
 It was a good week and I have been using the CI on the louder setting so lots of noise ... I think I have blogged up until l Thursday and that was food Bank day here in Hantsport and I have been involved with it for a number of years now . It is amazing in a small town like this how many people require help. There is a great team of volunteers that work here. I missed the last three months due to my operation and various Dr appointments so it was great to get back. They all cheered when I walked in and for many of them it was our first visit since I got the CI. On the one on one conversations it was great . Our work room is quite large  and when the others were at one side of room and I was on the other I could hear no sounds but when they got closer to me I could tell . We use carts to load the food bins and man they sure are noisy as they roll around. That is what i mean about the new hearing levels and that some sounds are just so loud. The carts were very noisy ..that is why in certain situations i get a head ache easily ---- but I need to keep it up so that I can get the other sounds --- eventually after a good period of time  we will get a program that is totally comfortable and I do understand this .  It was great to drop a can of food on floor and hear that it dropped --- amzing the small things that amuse this small mind -- LOL ...........
This weekend is a valentines banquet that our neighborhood puts on as a special annual fund raiser. Last night I was there helping to set up and it was interesting as most of the neighbors had not seen me since the CI and a few did not know I had it done. One lady I was talking to at the beginning of the evening said when she found out -- Gee I was talking with him and did not notice the gear on his head .....  Ok I know -- get her an eye appointment hahhahahhah again similar to working at FB --the one on one is great but groups or distance in a room cause challenges .... tonight i am serving at the dinner -- we have 80 people coming for dinner so it will be interesting to see how I make out . stay tuned on that update.
yesterday afternoon the battery was depleted on the CI and it shut down and I did not have a spare in my pockets . Rhonda was just going up stairs so I asked her to please bring me a new battery down . It took about 5 or 10 minutes for Rhonda to come back and I had been down to basement and back and when she brought me the battery I said
" Thanks a lot --- You have no idea how awful it feels not to hear even for that short time .... it was like a big sea of emptiness" .
I was so surprised that i felt so strong about that and how it felt to be deaf ---- even though I do not understand a lot of what I hear , I am still hearing sounds and that in it self is awesome .
Also yesterday I had coffee with niece and her two boys. Jax is almost three and because it was very quiet at Tim's and because he was sitting very quiet and I think he has a deeper voice I was able to hear him --- not totally understand but I did hear and did get a few words --his mum helped and we got it all .
Ok , time to go make myself beautiful for the dinner serving job ...hope all have a good saturday night ..
Cheers ............................

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