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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Night

Another new week but what a weekend we had . All the grand kids were here Saturday afternoon . That is Jack & Isaac and Aidan & Lara ... I had my  CI turned up all weekend and what a difference with the kids .... it was all so loud --- when they were excited and screamed or yelled it was like the sound of a paper shredder ... I could not understand the boys but I could usually tell when they talked --Lara is still a squeak to me but I will take that as much better than nothing ... lots of vibrations and feed back at the higher level but by this afternoon things almost seem normal so that will mean I have to turn the CI  up again ...We did have so much fun with the kids and Aidan stayed for supper with Jack & Isaac then John took him home and J&I stayed overnight. I did feel more secure with the boys because I could at least hear that they wanted something .. understanding them  was more of a chore but we did just fine ... 
Sunday was pretty low key with the Super Bowl on Sunday night . 
Usually when I have TV on I have the closed caption on  but for football they talk so much that I miss a lot of the game so I take the CC off . Last night I turned up the sound ---  I could not understand at all what was being said but could tell when people were talking or music on  or crowd yelling ,,, all very interesting ....
Today was out with two friends that I have not seen in many months and not since my CI . I think that I did very well with them and my understanding with lip reading and CI was very good.
Now I do often play a game and I close my eyes and get some one to say a sentence that is not something we have talked about ... of course most times I do not get any but some times |I do get one or two words . I have noticed that I have a hard time hearing words that \I have a hard time reading on a persons lips because of the way the language works --- like silent letters and look a like letters .. Rhonda says this does not make sense but so far it does seem to be that way ... I will just keep playing my game ...
ok , that is it ...kinda of a quiet week here and that is ok  because listening all weekend and today has tired me out ... sleep well

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