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Monday, February 21, 2011


Hope all had a good weekend ..... On Saturday I was at Tans as you know and my son Nick came
in and said the kids were in his car right outside the door so I went out to say ":Hi" to them . Lara is 15 months and is sitting in her car seat with the biggest smile on her face --she is awesome and Aidan is 3+ and he is in his chair and in the car when Aidan talked to me I could understand and hear him perfectly --- it was neat ..saturday afternoon we went to our Neighbor's Life Celebration at the community center which is an old Fancy Home here in town. It is beautiful inside with big high ceiling but not a great hearing place for me .. with all the chatter of folks in the room I had a hard time with my conversations but that is just all part of the learning curve .  Rest of weekend quiet and uneventful. Which is great.
The maker of my CI is AB and they set up a web place for users and family and friends to post questions or leave info etc..it is called Hearing Journey ..HJ and I did join and have asked a few questions over the past bit and the number of responses is amazing . Well one thing I was interested in is a soft ware program that my Audiologist Adrienne told me about call " Clear Voice" or CV ... what this program does is filter out the background noise and makes voices clear. I knew it was not yet licensed in the US but is here and in many other countries. I wanted to have some feedback on this program . WOW ...I was blown out of the water by the stories that many poeple wrote to me about how good this program is . They tell you a lot of details and one thing I discovered is that all the sounds that are so loud to me like the road noise in the car etc is what all these other folks are hearing too . That is awesome for me to know . CV does eliminate the majority of this back ground noise but as many suggested in their posts to me and as Adrienne has told  me . I have to let my brain  get to know all of these noises ... and i do agree and I do understand more . This just gives me something to look fwd to maybe in a year times ...the folks in the US are jealous that we have it and they do not yet but it looks like it was get the gov't approval by this summer. Amazing ...
ok have a great week everyone ...... Chris  

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