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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunny Wednesday am ...

It is a beautiful sunny morning as I sit to do a short blog .... yesterday I was out with the geo gang , Brian  was missing but Laura was with us ..... I was driving so my hearing side was away from all. I could easily tell when  anyone  was speaking, I could tell who it was and I would get the odd word here and there. One particular word I got was Las Vegas when Ken was talking about the fantasy cache trip. I could also tune out the noise when I need to concentrate on driving in some blowing snow . It was a fun day and great to be out and again it is so different being part of the hearing world. last night our friend Jan came over and I had a great one on one with her and could understand everything she said. It is a mix of hearing , speech reading and environment. We were on the chesterfield  so no interference . Awesome. Jan voice like many female voices still is quite tiny but i am hoping it will continue to change.
This morning I decided i am  going to start a chart about my hearing and pick the things that are very low and see how they do improve .i have so much that is great but I also have so much that needs to improve and I need to chart it . So I am going to start today and as I progress I will blog it ... most base sounds are pretty good but getting my understanding and clarity is what needs work on .
Enjoy the sun today and let is brighten your Wednesday ......

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