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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday update

Yesterday when I woke up I said today  I am turning up my CI higher than ever , the 3/4 mark. I was going to visit my son John and his two boys Jack & Isaac who are 5 & 3. Adrianne would be proud of me I left it at 3/4 all day even though it was soooo loud . First , the road tire noise was soo loud driving down and I put teh radio on and easily got the beat but the singing was way to hard on my hearing so I shut it off. . When I arrived at John's place Isaac opened the door and yelled "Hi Grampy" ... I heard that for sure -- did i hear clear or just 2 words and guessed he said "Hi Grampy" ..who knows ??? but I did hear and understand that .... that was worth the whole drive down ..... now rest of the visit I honestly did not get a lot of what the boys said and they do tend to yell or holler a lot and that was pretty hard on the hearing but if I got Jack to look at me and repeat once I could usually figure it out but I do not want the kids to shy away from talking with me so I do not push the understanding and repeats too hard. I know it will all come together . so it was a good visit and we did get outside for a while we did 3 geocaches together so that was fun. Left the CI on 3/4 all night --- heard the front door bang and Rhonda call out "Hello" when she got home . No big change on the TV for me but I do consider hearing the grand kids all day a big step. I just have to get used to the loud noises.
One other thing on my way home I stopped at Super Store in Sackville and I needed  to ask where something was and it was so awesome to ask a ? and get a reply and understand without saying --- Could u please repaet that I am deaf and did not get it >>>>... okay ... have a great weekend .........Later Gators ....

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