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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday ..

Well today is a snow day off school here so I am glad of that and now we have sun shine so maybe an afternoon outing ... maybe on the snow shoes ...who knows ???
Well I am keeping the CI turned up so Adrienne should be happy with me but sometimes I do have adjust it --yesterday I went to the dentist . All was great till I got in the dentist chair and he walked in and said "hey Chris" . He has a booming voice and his office is quite small ...it sounded like he was on a mega phone ---- so I just turned it down a wee bit ... on we went  with a small filling ... when he started the drill I thought that was loud but when the assistant brought on the suction tube that was right beside my left ear I thought I had an airplane engine starting up ...   then when she turned it off .. man all was so quiet ..... then back on again and the noise was soooo loud --- I did not say anything just smiled to myself but knew I had to blog about that ....rest is going normal , birds are singing away and life is sliding along ...my goal now is working on the TV ..it is mostly just noise and not always comfortable but I am  going to get it I hope , it will take me a long time but I am working at it each day ................ okay ...enjoy the sun .... 

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