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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1/2011

Happy New Year to all !! I hope that everyone enjoyed them selves in their own way. We did have a great time . Yesterday we left  home after lunch and first stop was the bank to get some cash . I cannot tell you the last time I used a cash machine so when I went into bank yesterday and got some money imagine how surprised I was when the machine starting making noises and sounds ... I came out to the car laughing and said Rhonda ,... that machine makes a noise --- LOL
Last night we went to the casino for a while before the concert and the place was packed -- and I thought I was old but the casino was full of some very old folks and I never saw so many wheel chairs --- amazing -- we did not stay long it was not fun so we went up to where the concert was and it started right on time at 11 and what a show the Trews put on ----- Fantastic ... now for me --I could not hear many of the songs and no great vibrations but I got the hand clapping that gave me the beat to most of the music and just watching everyone enjoying the music was awesome -- we both loved it and were glad we went ....today on the way home we decided to grab a matinee movie and it was another experience for me -- I will say that after 2 full hours of noise etc I was very tired and had a head ache but I did enjoy the show and could differentiate a lot of the sounds .... okay off to bed early tonight as last night was  a late one ..

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