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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Jan 04

Well last night my son Mark called and said ' How come dad has not blogged In the last few days ?" and my sister e-mailed last night -- keep that blog going -- well just for the record I do intend to keep the blog up to date it has just been very busy the last few days and no time to actually write my blog but I remember all my new sounds and so here goes ...
Sunday we were planning on staying home and on Monday going to a birthday brunch in Porters lake for Isaac's 3rd birthday. However a very good friend's mum passed away and the wake was Sunday night and funeral on  Monday so we changed our plans and went to Porters lake on Sunday -- we had a great visit with all there and the kids were awesome. I could not understand the kids at all but I usually knew when they were talking . When we left Porters lake we went by Lawrencetown beach and it was pretty well deserted and it was so calm and quiet but when we  walked to the shore line there were small waves coming and YES ...I could hear the water and could tell the difference between incoming and outgoing water !! It was amazing as I always said that the sound of the ocean was what I really missed the most --- now I wanna go to Queensland and White Point and Penny beach and ..........
The wake and funeral went OK for me but I realize that I do not function any differently in large crowds and that my hearing is very limited - The more background noise the less I hear. The one on one conversations were great so long as I was very close to person and that I could read their lips ---- that is what it is --I am lip reading but getting some assistance from the sounds ---
I am going back for another session with the audiologist this week so it will be interesting to see what changes are made.
Last night we watched a TV show and the closed captioning was very slow and so it was very difficult for me to be hearing some sounds but not getting the written words till a minute or so later ---
So that is where I am now and I hope to update this blog now every day or so ..... as things change or as new sounds are heard I will update .
Have a great Tuesday .................................................

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