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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

Well yesterday we went to Judy Strum's funeral and it was very sad.  65 used to be quite old but now it is quite young ... now for me it was an unusual hearing experience... rooms was packed so we had to stand --there were two ministers, one was Karen Lynch  who was good friends with Judy and another male minister. I could easily tell the difference when it was Karen speaking or the other minister.  Every time Karen said the words --Judy Strum --I heard those words -- nothing else -- now is that divine intervention or what ?? We were standing in the line up to go into the reception room and talking with another person --- there is a ramp that you go down into the room --- maybe 10 ft in length --at the top of the ramp I heard nothing from the room below but as we got to the bottom I got all the noise from the room --- that is pretty amazing --- that within 10 ft I go from quiet to very noisy --- 
I explained to Rhonda the other day that it is like a big ocean of sound ---- you can hear all the ocean of sound but for me it is like I have a straw to my ear and I get what sounds come down that straw ---- Rhonda said that helped her understand how it was for me ...We spent the rest of the day in New Minas just doing mindless stuff and last night at home and feeling much better mentally today. Funerals are always hard on many people , Each in their own way .
This new program is very powerful , yesterday someone in the store went by me with a cart full of stuff that was banging around and I thought an airplane was taking off ..... it is ok around the house just loud ....
Okay , hope all enjoy their Sunday ..I am hoping for an afternoon walk with my Lady ......

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