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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning ....

This morning I am off to Halifax to see Dr Morris about the MRI results I had the other week. Dr M put the   CI in so I know he will be  more interested in that then the tumors and I am pretty sure that all is ok with them but always good to hear it from the Dr himself.
The other day I was out with Rick and I had just gotten out of the car and I heard a new sound , it was loud and repeated it very often so I guessed an ambulance and looked around and sure enough .... red lights flashing and coming my way ... this is how |i hear a lot --it is similar to speech reading -- you have to make some logical guesses because my sounds and your sounds are not the same .
Yesterday , two of our grand children , Jack & Isaac came for a visit and this new program is very strong. when the kids spoke I could hear them talk. Jack speaks very quietly so with him I just knew he spoke but really no idea what was said but I could guess what it was ---Isaac has a very high voice and is very loud ---so although I could not get what he said I sure knew he  was talking and I could guess at a lot . the other night when our grand daughter Lara , who is just over 1 spoke out I did hear that she made sounds so  it is all a very rewarding experience for me .
I understand Rhonda the most as I hear her every day and also because I know her and how she speaks . yesterday , R was up stairs and I wanted to ask her some thing she could reply with one word answer so I hollered upstairs the ? . I got back a 2 word reply --now I did not understand what she said but I knew it was 2 words and knowing Rhonda it would be  .. " Pardon Me" ...so I hollered back up --did u say Pardon \Me ... R replys yes and so I repeated my ??. Might have been easier to walk upstairs but that was too easy for me ..LOL
Ok , shower time ...Have a good COLD Monday ......Chris

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