Spring Sprint

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I saw Dr M yesterday as I had guessed my tumors are just fine , so Dr said I am now good for a year before another MRI as apposed to the 6 month schedule for past number of years. He spent most of time talking about the CI and checking it . He is very pleased how it is working for me and said all post op looks good . with the speech reading and voice sounds I was able to get most of what the Dr said. There were a few repeats for me but I did understand almost all of it so that is great . It was too cold outside to do much around the city so a quick stop at mall in Dartmouth and then home.  I am not having these new sounds moments as often now and |I still find most voices are distorted but I am just so happy to have all my noises and will sort them all out as time goes by . Off to do some caching with 3 other friends tomorrow so that will be an interesting hearing day for me and of course lots of fun. That is it for now .... Chris

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