Spring Sprint

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well just had to blog about my great day today ...it went so well and it started at 7 15 am when I went out to clean off the car ... as soon as I walked outside I heard this noise and my brain said -- " crows" .... stop laughing this is important ...... I have heard crows 4 or 5 times ... first time had no idea what the noise what till I looked all around , 2nd time I was in the woods with brian and heard a noise and asked what it was ans he said a crow . I was with Rhonda coming home and saw and heard the crows at sunset but she told me but this morning when I heard teh sound my brain told me it was the crows !!!!!
I was in a car today with three of my caching buddies.We went to Bridgetown caching . I was in the back with Rick. All day when people spoke I knew that they were talking. No idea what was being said but I knew they were talking ---- that was great for me .... when  we did talk on one on one  or were outside I could do ok . So sun was shinning all day and we had a lot of laughs and I felt just like part of the gang .... these guys are great and always included me before but today I felt more a part than in the past so that was neat .....
After I got home , I knew Rhonda  would not be home till later as she was going up the valley. I am in the kitchen and I hear some noise --what is it -- hear again --- I walk out to hall saying --anyone there and sure enough ,,,Rhonda is there and is saying --"hello hello " .... wow ...I was surprised to hear the sound but also so glad that I did .
Okay , now a hot bath -- 11 1/2 hours outside playing -- 24 caches ..... all that listening !!!!! What a day ....


  1. I wondered all day how you were making out, Chris. I knew the three of us in the Jeep with you would be a challenge. And you ARE a part of the gang, always have been, hearing or not! Always will be.