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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday MRI day

First it is still snowing here at 8 pm ... I think maybe the weatherman got it right this time ....darn ............................. anyway .. off to Kentville this am for my MRI and when I arrive at the hospital and go to check in I am expecting same routine where they say all the info and you just say Yes or no ... not today -- she asked a ? and i had to give the correct answer --- who changed these rules anyway ?? LOl anyway after 2 repeats of the questions I figured it all out and I guess I passed cuz she sent to X ray for my MRI ... now it was the first time these people did a MRI on a patient with CI so they checked all the paper work and in I go ... it was a very long time , usually 45 minutes but this was 1 1/2 hours -- long time in an MRI but what was neat was after they showed me some pics of the inside of my head and I saw where the CI was ,,, neat ,,also saw the tumors. I had seen them before with the doctors ...it is amazing what the  MRI shows...anyway all went ok . Nothing else too exciting .. went to a couple of stores but life is very normal and i am glad of that ................... so hope that we do not get too much snow ,, another funeral tomorrow morning so hope we can get out for that then dentist ... oh my I am doing the Doctor route these days --PTL it is nothing too serious .....sleep well ...  

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