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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday , January 6th

Well today was quite a day for me , this morning I met a friend in the city and we did 2 hours of Geo caching around Bayer's lake --it was an awesome morning .... I drove in by myself so had the radio on to try and offset the noise from the road --it is very loud but radio did help although no idea what was on -- when Brian got in my car, I turned on the key and he grabs his ears ---I guess  the radio was VERY Loud --- ( more about the radio in a bit) ... Brian and I had a great morning then off to see Adrienne . She is the audiologist. Adrienne gave me 2 new programs plus the one I was presently using and was comfortable with . Well the new program is very loud --just like the other ones were and a lot of echoes ... so before I left the office Adrienne turned the volume down just a bit ...well when I hit Spring Garden Rd I could not believe all the noise . Amazing -- all those cars I did not hear before --- well I sure heard them today hahhahah and I was standing at the lights to cross the street and 2 people behind me were laughing and it was like they were right in my ear ... crazy ..... so I get in the car and start it up and just hit the radio to turn it back on and oh man it blew me out of the car -- is was so loud --- I laughed and then I understood why Brian grabbed his ears ----this new program is pretty powerful for sure . after a few hours I did get a head ache from all the noise but I need to leave it so that I can get used to it and as each hour goes by things are getting a bit more blended ,,, when Rhonda came home and was talking with the birds ( yeah i know , we are crazy cuz we both talk to the birds all the time ) anyway , she uses a deep voice  and it was first time i could tell the difference and it really seemed like she was talking very loud to them but she wasn't ....
It is like a new beginning to me every time I get a new program .............. stay tuned for what will be heard next ... Have a good Thursday night ......

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