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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Jan 30/2011

Well it has almost been two moths  since the CI was turned on .... when someone asks me about it I say it is a "miracle" and I truly believe that it is. I never thought that I would hear any sounds again. Truly a miracle and every day I appreciate every sound.I honestly do not think that |I will ever take it for granted. Now my blogs are farther apart. Not because I am loosing interest in the blog but rather that my days are becoming more normal and i am adjusting to my new life . I am trying to blog when things seems to stand out to me but the normal days are just that pretty normal. Before I tell you about last night I just want to again go over my hearing and hope you understand that I do not hear like you do or exactly what you hear  but I am hoping that as time goes on it will appear to me that I do .... one question a lot of people that know me ask is ... how is your balance now ? well it is the same no better because I do not get the sounds all around me ...just the sounds on my left side and only the sounds that are in the hearing range that |I hear ...so  no change in balance. I often use my cane when all by myself . much safer .
Last night we went out to dinner with 4 friends. They picked us up to go to the restaurant and so in the van we played a  game to see who I could hear ..... we were in the back seat . the 3rd seat back ... when the two ladies in the middle seat spoke ...there voices were very squeakily but I could easily tell which one was speaking. when either of the guys in the front seat spoke , I knew something had been said but no idea who said it ......as they all continued in their conversations I could easily tell when they were all talking . That is just pretty awesome in itself --- before I would just sit in the car and not know what was going on . Now in the restaurant , we had it all to ourselves so that was great for me as no major background noise . But in the restaurant , unlike in the van ,   I could only tell who was talking by looking and watching . That is because the room was so big the sounds  were lost . again my one on one went very well .
Every day with Rhonda , I get better and better at hearing her and understanding her. that was how it was with speech reading also . I am able to speech read Rhonda better than anyone else.
Ok ...that is it for now . I am hoping to go out and put the snow shoes on for the first time this year and have a little hike around the soccer field. have a great Sunday afternoon ...... 

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